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In this booklet you can find information about Danish elections translated to English, Tyrkish, Arabic, Somali, Tigrinja, Farsi, Urdu, Bosnian, Polish og Rumanian.

Your Vote Does Make a Difference
Democracy is based on joint decisions. When you use your right to vote, you take responsibility in relation to society and your fellow human beings.

When you vote in an election, you participate in electing the political candidates, and you get influence on decisions which affect your life.

Show up on Election Day and cast your vote. Your vote does make a difference!

Who can vote?

Regional and Local Government:

You can vote at regional or local government elections, if you are aged 18, live permanently in the local area/region and you:

  • are a Danish citizen or
  • are an EU, Norwegian or Icelandic citizen, or
  • are a citizen of the United Kingdom and since the 31. of January 2020 have had uninterrupted residence in Denmark; or
  • are a citizen of another non-EU country, Norway or Iceland and have lived in Denmark for 4 years prior to the election

How to vote

Everyone who has the right to vote will receive a polling card by mail. The polling card tells you the date of the election, and the location on where you can vote. At the polling station there are
assistants called polling officials. They make sure that every aspect of the election is carried out correctly. You may ask one of the polling officials, if you are unsure how to vote. At the polling station you should go to the election table indicated on your polling card. If the polling station uses digital voting lists, you can choose which polling table you want to go to. At the table you hand in your polling card, and the polling official will give you a ballot listing the political parties and candidates. You will be asked to give your date of birth to make sure that you are the person indicated on the polling card.

You bring the ballot with you to the polling booth, where you go alone. Make a cross (X) using the pencil or pen (and only one cross) next to the candidate or the party that you wish to vote for. If you write something wrong on the ballot, you may ask the polling official to exchange the ballot for a new ballot; however, this is only possible, if you have not already put the ballot into the ballot box.

If you find it difficult to read Danish, one of the polling officials may help you in the ballot room.

Finally, you leave the polling room and put the ballot into the ballot box. Please remember, that if you are prevented from going to the polling station to vote, you can cast your vote in advance at the local Service Center in your municipality (Borgerservice), and in some municipality also at libraries, certain educational establishments and in mobile voting stations. Ask the municipality where you can vote by post or go to their website.


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