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Furesø, the largest of several great lakes, awaits you.

Furesø is a green paradise close to the capital city. We have all the best options for enjoying diverse outdoor activities and natural attractions. Everyone – children and adults alike – can pursue outdoor leisure activities on or next to the lakes, in the forests and green areas, on the courts, paths and in the parks.

  • Countryside right outside your door

    Furesø Municipality has many forests and access to may beautiful lakes.

    Furesø Municipality is located about 20 km north of north of Copenhagen, with a nearby motorway and excellent public transport links. The S-train network operates trains from both Værløse and Farum station several times an hour and Copenhagen’s main square, Rådhuspladsen, is only 30 minutes away. At weekends, the S-train also runs  throughout the night.

    Furesø residents enjoy the best of both worlds: the beautiful quiet countryside and Copenhagen’s vibrant city life.

    Facts about Furesø Municipality

    The municipality covers a total area of 56 km2, of which only about a third is urban. It has 14 km2 of forest, 8 km2 of lakes and beautiful open countryside. The countryside means a lot to Furesø Municipality. A well-developed system of paths provides residents with a wealth of options from which to explore, view and experience the area’s natural beauty and its historical attractions.

    The municipality has several lakes.

    Furesøen is the largest and it is popular with many water sports enthusiasts and a popular destination for bathers and people just wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. Furesøbad, the lake’s official bathing site has a beach and bathing jetties. It also has a harbour which is used by several local sports clubs, a jetty for boats and a restaurant called Furesø Marina. 

    Furesøen is also known as Zealand’s inland sea; it is the largest of the lakes that lie along Mølleåen and at depths of over 38 metres, it is the deepest lake in Denmark.

    Furesøen is also the location of the municipality’s beach, which has lifeguards during the summer season. Furesøbad is an old bathing site with a man-made beach that lies next to Furesøen in Nørreskoven, by Fiskebæk halfway between Værløse and Farum. Furesøbad has a bathing jetty, changing facilities, a kiosk and a restaurant.

    Farum Lake and Søndersø lake are quieter places where bathing is also permitted.

    Farum Lake is located between Farum and Værløse and it is the third-largest lake in the Mølleåen river basin. The lake has two islands, Svaneholm and Klavs Nars Holm.

    Søndersø lies southwest of Værløse town. At its deepest point, the lake is 7.8 metres deep.

    Hareskovene and Jonstrup Vang forests stretch over 8 km from Jonstrup in the west to Bagsværd Lake in the east. Beech woods dominate the forests, with young and old trees. In Nørreskoven forest by Furesøen you can plan your own route. The forest’s southern section features a 4 km long route that is marked in yellow that also goes through the plantation Von Langens Plantage.

  • Excellent homes and close to Copenhagen

    Furesø Municipality is located about 20 km north of north of Copenhagen, with a nearby motorway and excellent public transport links. The S-train network operates trains from both Værløse and Farum station several times an hour and Copenhagen’s main square Rådhuspladsen, is only 30 minutes away. At weekends, a special night S-train also runs every hour throughout the night. Furesø residents enjoy the best of both worlds: the beautiful quiet countryside and Copenhagen’s vibrant city life.

    Furesø Municipality has many attractive high-quality homes with open countryside nearby.

    The business community is an important part of Furesø Municipality, creating jobs, life and great opportunities in the heart of our communities. Creating and running a business should be an easy and attractive option – Furesø Municipality strives to make it as easy as possible for businesses to be successful.

    Live in the heart of the countryside, close to the capital’s heartbeat

    When you live in Furesø Municipality, you get the best of both worlds. You can choose to live in diverse town centres and local areas, all of them located between forests, lakes and meadows. Furesø has many beautiful residential areas, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. This includes Hareskovby, which has many small lakes in the heart of the forest and has new exciting properties located in scenic surroundings in the former Værløse air base, and Farum Barracks which is next to an international golf course. There are residential areas in the two central towns Farum and Værløse, which are still close to lakes, countryside and forest. Furesø is characterised by this strong relationship between town and countryside.

    Furesø is also centrally located, midway between Copenhagen and North Zealand. We are part of the Greater Copenhagen area and close to North Zealand – with a wealth of options for education, employment, culture and other rich experiences that this area brings.

    Town centres and squares with stores to suit every taste

    There are a wealth of stores in both Farum Bytorv and Værløse Bymidte shopping centres. The municipality also has two swimming pools, three libraries and two culture centres. With both Farum Bytorv and Værløse Bymidte, you will almost certainly find what you are looking for. Værløse Bymidte is a beautiful shopping centre with many specialist stores and supermarkets. Farum Bytorv is a local shopping centre which includes delicatessens, supermarkets and a wide range of clothes stores.

    Our kindergartens, crèches, after-school centres, clubs and youth clubs provide an excellent setting for our children and we focus every day on providing children and young adults with an excellent environment to play and learn in. Furesø Municipality has seven schools, as well as after-school centres, recreational centres, youth clubs and kids activities.

  • A Wealth of Culture and Leisure Activities
    Furesø Municipality is home to a wide variety of art galleries and museums. With 3 libraries, several culture centres and plenty of opportunities to exercise indoors or outdoors, Furesø Municipality provides a huge range of cultural and physical activities to the citizens.

    The two culture centres are venues for a wide range of cultural events, including concerts, theatre plays, dance shows and readings. Kulturhuset in Farum houses a Cinema, Grafen, run by volunteers. Værløse Bio & Café is located in the central part of Værløse. The culture centre in Værløse is called Galaksen and hosts many exciting artistic events, including circus shows, storytelling, musicals and concerts.

    Local history has always been an important part of Furesø Municipality. Furesø Museer (Furesø Museums) consist of four historical buildings in the municipality that together cover ancient and modern history of Furesø. 

    Furesø Municipality has three libraries, in Farum, Hareskov and Værløse respectively. So you are never far from a good read. Our libraries are great places to find community events and activities such as workshops, book release parties, author readings and story times. 

    Exploring Art and Nature

    Art and nature play an important role in Furesø and we have made an effort to combine the two. Farum Søsti is a 10 kilometer trail around Farum Lake which offers a unique nature. For each kilometer, the route is marked with a stone that bears a relief of an animal or a plant that is common to the area. The art Work is carved by the local artist Olav Johannisson. If you follow the route in a clockwise direction, you will also pass stones with arrow markers showing the way in those locations where you might otherwise be unsure.

    You may also visit the home page of The Danish Nature Agency. Here, you will find information on a wide range of outdoor activities as well as apply for permits for using the Nature Agency's properties.

    Sports in Furesø Municipality

    Both the professional athlete and the general public can pursue their passion for sport in Furesø. Many sports events are held in Furesø Municipality every year. The local football team FC Nordsjælland is the reigning Danish Superliga champions. Elite badminton players and rowers also have their home ground in Furesø Municipality.

    The municipality has many associations and well-kept sports facilities that are popular with local residents. There are many options open to people who want to practise sport on their own, or who would like to join a sports club. There is a wealth of activities and sporting disciplines, including swimming, football, tennis, golfing and mountain biking.

    The municipality also offers the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities in the outdoors. You can jog or walk on a fitness trail or follow the 10 km route around Farum Lake.

    We love water in Furesø Municipality. In addition to some beautiful lakes, you will find two excellent swimming pools that cater for the whole family and for swimming enthusiasts, young or old.

  • Training ground for champions
    Furesø Municipality is home to a range of the best sports clubs in the country and the training ground of upcoming talents.
    Local football team FC Nordsjælland fcn.dk has won the Danish Superliga, and the local sports clubs presents champions in swimming, badminton, basketball, skiing, rowing, cycling to mention a few.

    World tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has trained in Farum Tennisklub.

    But it is not all elite sports and world-class athletes - Furesø Municipality is closely associated with sports in general and strong communities in particular: In relation to population size, Furesø Municipality has the highest percentage of residents who participate in sport in Denmark. Around 120 sports clubs cater for thousands of active members, who enjoy excellent sporting facilities and great membership terms.

    Furesø Municipality also has beautiful countryside that includes forests with hiking trails and lakes you can swim in and sail on. The municipality is home to a rich and diverse cultural life that you will never cease to inspire. It has excellent schools, institutions, swimming pools, cinemas, museums, vibrant culture centres and a thriving culture scene.

    Furesø Municipality has everything you need to pursue an interesting and active life. Whether you prefer the countryside and outdoor activities or art and cultural experiences, Furesø Municipality is the ideal community. It offers a wealth of options, including outdoor pursuits, bicycling and hiking and cultural heritage experiences.

The Municipality of Furesø

The Municipality of Furesø

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