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Welcome to the Municipality of Furesø

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The Municipality of Furesø has a population of approximately 38.230 people. The municipality of Furesø is a result of the joining of the municipalities Farum and Værløse that took place January 1, 2007. Whether you live or work in Furesø - the municipality has a lot to offer. Furesø is situated in the midst of picturesque scenery: green forests, blue lakes, local beach, splendid architecture and good transport connections.

The Municipality of Furesø is governed by mayor Ole Bondo Christensen and a municipal council of 21 elected politicians. View pictures of the politicians by using the link in the right hand side.

Municipality Services

"Borgerservice" is your point of entry to the municipality of Furesø. Borgerservice is located in Farum in Furesø. You can find contact information and visiting hours to Borgerservice on the right hand side.

Self Service

If you live in the Municipality of Furesø, you can use our self-service. Use the link on the right hand side.

The Responsibilities of The Municipality 

  • Daycare and kindergardens for children
  • Primary schools for children from the age of 7 to 17 years
  • Libraries, local sports facilities and other cultural activities
  • Homes for elderly people and in-home care for those who live by themselves
  • Granting certain social benefits such as payment of cash assistance and pensions
  • Integration of refugees and immigrants
  • Job activation and employment projects for unemployed persons
  • Public utilities, environmental measures and emergency services 


Business information

Go to Copenhagen Locations and find our business profile

Danish courses

Sprogcenter Furesø is a Danish language school owned by Furesø Kommune and appointed by the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs. We offer courses in Danish as a second language for foreigners in Furesø Kommune as well as for foreigners from other municipalities.

In addition to the language teaching programme, including various and frequent mid-term tests and final proficiency tests, our courses also introduce Danish culture, society, labour market, educational system and democratic traditions.

For contact information and more about the language school - visit the schools website.

Tourist information

Go to and find information about Furesø.


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The Municipality of Furesø

Phone: +45 7235 4000
Fax: +45 7235 4010

CVR.: 29188327

Opening hours:
Monday-friday 10 am - 14 pm 
Thursday 10 am - 17 pm 

Urgent contact